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Citrus, Grapefruit, Floral, Spicy, Porch Drinker


Single Hop IPA






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Cascade Single Hop IPA with grapefruit, floral, and spicy notes

The next-hop up for our single hop series is the ubiquitous and world-famous varietal, Cascade!  This hop showcases bright tones of grapefruit, but also a firm floral and almost spicy character.  This brew shows those tones in spades. Look for bitter citrus tones on the palette, but juicy aromas on the nose, all firmly supported by white floral tones and a nice herbal finish. 

When doing single hop beers, there are some hops that simply must be featured. Cascade is one of them.  Originally developed during the 1960s in the USDA breeding program at Oregon State, this is the hop that was the backbone of the American Craft Brewing revolution that started in the ’70s with Anchor Brewing’s Liberty Ale.  Ever since the Cascade hop has been the heart and soul of the American Pale Ale, and then the West Coast IPA.  

This beer is still featuring a light mash bill to allow the hop to shine, so we have some focus on where to draw the pairings from. For the main dish, we still want to look at spicy and citrus-driven foods. Korean Bulgogi beef skewers with plenty of spicy marinades will do wonders, or pivot to a slow-cooked Carnitas taco, and don't forget the lime! For cheeses, cheddars are still your best bet with IPA’s and hoppy brews. For dessert, you’re going to want to set your eyes once more



The focus of these beers is to highlight a single-hop flavor so the beer-lover can learn to find their favorite hop character, such as citrus, floral, pine, resinous, spicy, tropical fruit, stone fruit, berry, melon, etc. Medium-high to very high hop bitterness. Malt flavor should be low to medium-low and is generally clean and grainy-malty although some light caramel or toasty flavors are acceptable. Low yeast-derived fruitiness is acceptable but not required. Dry to medium-dry finish; residual sweetness should be low to none. The bitterness and hop flavor may linger into the aftertaste but should not be harsh. A very light, clean alcohol flavor may be noted in stronger versions. May be slightly sulfury, but most examples do not exhibit this character.