Black Tie Tailgate Black Tie Tailgate Black Tie Tailgate

Black Tie Tailgate


Black Tie Tailgate

Roasty, Coffee, Espresso, Light, Crisp, Bitter








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Roasty and full-flavored, while still remaining light on the body and finishing clean.

This jet black brew is roasty and full-flavored while still remaining very light in body.  Roasty elements of coffee and dark malt provide a big grain presence all surrounded by a hint of dark, bitter chocolate.  A crisp herbal hop finish rounds out this flavor powerhouse and finishes clean like the best lagers in the world. Your eyes will tell you it's a stout, your mouth will tell you it's a lager.    

While brewing this beer we kept thinking how funny it would be to bring this beer to a tailgate, fully tuxedoed out, limo’s, boutineers, the whole 9 yards.  There’s just something innately comical about a limo and a schwarzbier at a tailgate. It made us giggle, so we decided that this beer was going to be named Black Tie Tailgate.  

Pairing for this beer is a little tricky, but definitely possible to create an experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts.  While we could recommend starting with Caviar for your meal, we won’t get that highbrow. Try out a smoked gouda to enhance some of the natural roasty elements in this brew.  For your main courses, grilled or smoked meats are the way to go. Try out some Apple and Cherrywood smoked St. Louis cut Ribs with a tangy Kansas style BBQ sauce and a side of coleslaw. Add a touch of paprika to your coleslaw to make it sing.  Dessert, you want chocolate and fruit. Think chocolate mousse with a raspberry coulis.   






Light to moderate malt flavor, which can have a clean, neutral character to a moderately rich, bread-malty quality. Light to moderate roasted malt flavors can give a bitterchocolate palate that lasts into the finish, but which are never burnt. Medium-low to medium bitterness, which can last into the finish. Light to moderate spicy, floral, or herbal hop flavor. Clean lager character. Aftertaste tends to dry out slowly and linger, featuring hop bitterness with a complementary but subtle roastiness in the background. Some residual sweetness is acceptable but not required.