Glacier Sharks Glacier Sharks Glacier Sharks

Glacier Sharks



Hazy, Clementine, Spice, Pine


White IPA






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Hazy and full-bodied, this brew has notes of zesty clementine, spice, and a bitter pine finish. A beautiful marriage of a Belgian Witbier and an IPA produces this delicious brew. Golden yellow with a white frothy head, this is a winter beer at its finest.
We like to think this brew is hazy, and cold with a bit of mysterious danger, and a delicious bitter bite. Like a glacier. And a shark. Okay so sometimes we get a little carried away but the beer is delicious.
White IPA’s are so much fun to pair food with, it’s frightening. Chicken and fish dishes are largely the easy way to go, but feel free to spice things up! For your mains, try out some Chicken Enchiladas with chile verde sauce, a sprinkle of cotija cheese, and a side of cilantro lime rice. For a cheese pairing, you want something creamy and rich, so try Camembert or Brie. To line this killer beer up with a dessert, try out lemon bars dusted with powdered sugar.



Light malt flavor, perhaps a bit bready. Fruity esters are moderate to high, with citrus flavors similar to grapefruit and orange, or stone fruit like apricot. Sometimes banana-like flavors are present. Hop flavor is medium-low to medium-high with citrusy or fruity aspects. Some spicy clove-like flavors from Belgian yeast may be present. Coriander and orange peel flavors may be found as well. Bitterness is high which leads to a moderately dry, refreshing finish.