Mandarina Bavaria Mandarina Bavaria Mandarina Bavaria

Mandarina Bavaria


Mandarina Bavaria

Bitter, Clean, Tangerine, Pineapple, Lemon, Herbal


Single Hop IPA






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This daughter of Cascade, Hallertau Blanc, and Hull Melon is an aromatic powerhouse. 

 Intense tangerine and lemon notes followed by a resinous, herbal finish. We continue to keep the mash bill light on this beer so we can let the hops really show their character. In this case, it creates an incredibly sessionable IPA loaded with big citrus aromas and a clean finish.

Released to the brewing community in 2012, Mandarina Bavaria was grown in Hull, Germany, and is the daughter of three very famous varietals: Cascade, Hallertau Blanc, and Hull Melon.  Moderate in alpha acid, this hop is generally used for aromatic additions, and is a true powerhouse when used as such.  Beautiful Tangerine and Citrus tones dominate the palate.  

We’re thinking of Thai food for this beer. Big citrus tones allow for some spicy fare to really take center stage. For an appetizer, try your hand at Thot Man Kaho Phot, a deep-fried corn fritter that is served with a Thai red curry paste and sweet chili sauce.  For mains, it’s time for Drunken Noodles. Spicy, and herbal but still light enough to allow the hops to shine. This dish’s use of Thai basil will help accentuate some of the more nuanced herbal flavors that Mandarina Bavaria produces, showing you the versatility of this hop.  For desserts, keep it simple with freshly sliced mango and sweet sticky coconut rice.





The focus of these beers is to highlight a single-hop flavor so the beer-lover can learn to find their favorite hop character, such as citrus, floral, pine, resinous, spicy, tropical fruit, stone fruit, berry, melon, etc. Medium-high to very high hop bitterness. Malt flavor should be low to medium-low and is generally clean and grainy-malty although some light caramel or toasty flavors are acceptable. Low yeast-derived fruitiness is acceptable but not required. Dry to medium-dry finish; residual sweetness should be low to none. The bitterness and hop flavor may linger into the aftertaste but should not be harsh. A very light, clean alcohol flavor may be noted in stronger versions. May be slightly sulfury, but most examples do not exhibit this character.