Oh My Goodness Oh My Goodness Oh My Goodness

Oh My Goodness



Dark, Roasty, Dry


Irish Stout






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Smooth and roasty with notes of coffee and bittersweet chocolate.

This Dry Irish Stout is a deep black with a mahogany-colored highlight, and creamy tan head just begging you to stick your nose in it.  This brew is built for drinking for hours with a lower ABV, light-body, but huge flavor. Notes of coffee and bittersweet chocolate with a small pop of a fruity ester on the backend. 

You ever have a beer where you take a sip and just get something completely unexpected that makes you say, “Oh my Goodness.” Yeah, this one did that.  The working name turned into the real name as we decided it was a fitting moniker. We hope that you think the same thing when you taste this one.

Irish Stouts generally don’t get the respect they deserve in the culinary world, but when you pair it up with traditional Irish fare, you can have some truly memorable meals.  One of our favorites is going for a true shepherd’s pie--Minced lamb with gravy and veggies all covered in piping hot mashed potatoes lightly browned in the oven. It’s comfort food done right, and perfect for a cold late winter evening.  For Cheese, pair this up with an authentic Irish Cheddar. The best pairing for this brew, however, is with your friends and family celebrating St. Paddy’s day. Sláinte!



Moderate roasted grain or malt flavor with a medium to high hop bitterness. The finish can be dry and coffee-like to moderately balanced with a touch of caramel or malty sweetness. Typically has coffee-like flavors, but also may have a bittersweet or unsweetened chocolate character in the palate, lasting into the finish. Balancing factors may include some creaminess, medium-low to no fruitiness, and medium to no hop flavor (often earthy). The level of bitterness is somewhat variable, as is the roasted character and the dryness of the finish; allow for interpretation by brewers.