Sixteen Ounce Curls Sixteen Ounce Curls Sixteen Ounce Curls

Sixteen Ounce Curls


Sixteen Ounce Curls

Bitter, Hoppy, Fruity, Piney, Balanced


Irish Red Ale






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Roasty and full-flavored, while still remaining light on the body and finishing clean.

Crimson and auburn with a creamy off-white head, this classic style boasts roasted barley tones with flavors of toasted bread and a firm presence of earth and wood. This traditional brew is medium-bodied but still packed full of flavor.

This beer is great for the simple fact that it’s tasty and easy-drinking, but it comes with a subtly added health benefit! Every time you lift that precious crimson nectar to your lips you perform a little bicep curl (responsibly of course). 

Joking aside, this brew is tasty and full of flavor and offers some great food pairing options.  To start your meals out, give this a try with some Irish pub cheese for dipping and snacking. Your mains, this brew offers enough toffee, and roasty tones to provide a delicious pairing for rosemary braised lamb shank with grilled asparagus.  Potatoes are optional, but of course always tasty. For desserts, give this brew a try with brioche bread and butter pudding. Sláinte!








Moderate to very little caramel malt flavor and sweetness, rarely with a light buttered toast or toffee-like quality. The palate often is fairly neutral and grainy, or can take on a lightly toasty or biscuity note as it finishes with a light taste of roasted grain, which lends a characteristic dryness to the finish. A light earthy or floral hop flavor is optional. Medium to medium-low hop bitterness. Medium-dry to dry finish. Clean and smooth. Little to no esters. The balance tends to be slightly towards the malt, although light use of roasted grains may increase the perception of bitterness slightly.