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Dortmunder Export






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A clean, flavorful lager with honey and floral tones

Bright, crisp, and clean, the Dortmunder Export Lager is one of our favorite brews. Featuring a slightly more robust mashbill than a Pilsner, though still more hop balanced than a Helles, the Dortmunder export is a slightly stronger, easy-drinking lager packed full of flavor. Light cracker notes with a honey-like presence with an herbal and spicy bitterness on the backend.  This golden brew is as crisp and clean as a winter morning.

The city of Dortmund is known mostly for its production of an export-strength lager called Dortmunder Export. Located in the German state of Northern Rhine-Westphalia, the city of Dortmunder falls in the old Westphalian province of what was once Prussia.  During this time, golden lagers became popularized, and the Dortmunder Export Lager started to shine. While making up less than 10% of the German Beer market, this is such an important style to the German Beerscape, that we felt it was vital to our December beer menu. Prost! 

An easy-drinking beer with lots of ways to make this better than the sum of its parts.  Try with traditional German fare of Bratwurst and Sauerkraut or German potato salad. For something a little less traditional, but still impressively tasty try a Fettucini Alfredo with Blackened Chicken.  For a cheese pairing, let fly with black truffle pecorino. Dessert? You need a classic New York cheesecake. 




Brewed to a slightly higher starting gravity than other light lagers, providing a firm malty body and underlying maltiness to complement the sulfate-accentuated hop bitterness. The term "Export" is a beer strength category under German beer tax law and is not strictly synonymous with the "Dortmunder" style. Beer from other cities or regions can be brewed to Export strength and labeled as such.