System of a Brown System of a Brown System of a Brown

System of a Brown

Great South Bay


Toffee, Caramel, Toast, Earth


American Brown Ale






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Toffee and toasty caramel with an earthy finish

Loaded with toffee and toasty caramel, this deep mahogany brew is full-flavored, light-bodied, and utterly delicious.  An offwhite creamy head laces the glass with a beautiful hazelnut and toast nose. Earthy on the finish, but not overly bitter. 

It was at 2am. There we were. Still finishing CIP and not quite sure how we were going to continue to make it through the shift after being up at 6 am the day prior.  Not a soul in sight and it occurred to us that the only way we were going to make it through was with some rippin’ tunes. It was time for the System of a Brown.

This brew is loaded with big flavors that pair well with many cuisines. However, the toasty, roasted note of the malt really lends itself to grilled meats like steak and roasted veggies.  An Aged gouda with its nutty character would match nicely with the hazelnut tones found here as well. For dessert, take it to the sweet side with butterscotch ice cream. 



Brown Ales are funny enough, brown in color. They can be sweet and malty with flavors of chocolate, toffee, and nuts. Originating in England, the UK versions are milder and lower alcohol and the American versions typically are drier with medium hops and bitterness.  Medium to moderately-high malty-sweet or maltyrich flavor with chocolate, caramel, nutty, and/or toasty malt complexity, with medium to medium-high bitterness. The medium to medium-dry finish provides an aftertaste having both malt and hops. Hop flavor can be light to moderate, and may optionally have a citrusy, fruity, or tropical character, although any hop flavor that complements the malt is acceptable. Very low to moderate fruity esters.

  • ABV: Medium-low to Low alcohol
  • Color: Brown to caramel
  • Glassware: Pint glass
  • Temperature: 50-55 oF
  • Food Pairing: Autumn foods; meat stews, root vegetables, squash, lamb chops