Supernova Sunrise Supernova Sunrise Supernova Sunrise

Supernova Sunrise

Great South Bay

Supernova Sunrise

Bhudda’s Hand, Lemon, Tangerine, Wheat Malt








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Citrus driven American Wheat Beer

Brilliant is precisely how one would describe Supernova Sunrise.  Brewed with white wheat and a light base malt, this beer also features heavy doses of Amarillo and Cascade for a huge citrus tone.  Look for notes of Bhudda’s Hand, Lemon, Valencia Orange, and Tangerine. Malt tones provide an almost Triscuit like framework for all these delicious hops. Bright saffron yellow with a touch of haze. 

When we came up with the concept for this brew, we knew that this was going to be as bright, and citrusy yellow as they came.  We needed a name that just screamed bright flavors, aromas, and color. What could be more bright and yellow than a Supernova at Sunrise?

This beer is an amazing treat on its own, but will also pair fantastically with many dishes.  For mains, try out a Grilled Lemon Chicken sandwich with arugula, heirloom tomatoes, and bacon jam. For a cheese pairing try out Havarti with Honeycrisp apples on the side.  Dessert demands a Citrus Almond Tart laden with toasted almonds and a dollop of fresh whipped cream. 




Wheat or Wit

An Americanized version of the Hefeweizen, similarly cloudy but more hoppy with none of the banana or clove flavors. Typically a lighter and refreshing style.

  • ABV: Low to medium alcohol
  • Color: Straw and cloudy
  • Glassware: Flute
  • Temperature: 40-45 oF
  • Food Pairing: Fresh salad with cucumbers and bean sprouts, light fish like halibut or sole with squeezed lemon