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Autumn Lights

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Autumn Lights

Biscuit, Toffee, Brown Bread, Clove, Spice


Norwegian Farmhouse Ale






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Amber Norwegian farmhouse ale with caramel and clove tones.

Featuring Norwegian farmhouse yeasts, this brew is all about rich caramel and toffee tones with a grainy, malty backbone and a delicious clove-like spiciness to round out the taste profile.  This brew is a reddish-brown with a frothy head and a delicious opener to the fall season.

Autumn Lights is our take on a Norwegian Amber Farmhouse ale and is named for the Aurora Borealis.  In Norway, the northern lights are best viewed in the beginning of Fall when the Midnight Sun is over, and it actually gets dark enough to see the lights. Additionally, it’s the perfect time of year as the nights are still crisp, but not as cold as the deep Norwegian Winter. This beer is something we imagine would be a perfect companion to an evening on a secluded lake cabin deck watching nature’s greatest spectacle. 

Food pairings for Autumn Lights are wide open.  Pot Roast with roasted vegetables and garlic will immediately satisfy.  For your cheese pairing options enjoy some Jarlsberg or if you’re feeling adventurous and traditional, the Norwegian brown cheese Brunost. Dessert calls for nothing short of a nutty, caramelly, pecan pie with fresh whipped cream.



Norwegian farmhouse ales feature native nordic yeasts called Kveik. These beers have become increasingly popular in the states and are starting to revolutionize how many breweries produced beer.  Norwegian farmhouse ales can be produced in many different variations, from spicier phenolic brews to big hoppy IPA's.  The Norwegian amber ales are more on the farmhouse side of the spectrum with a darker malt profile. Ranging from copper to dark brown in color, these brews can also vary largely in strength, though many of the more spice-driven brews tend to be more moderate in alcohol.  Norwegian amber ales generally feature caramel, biscuit, and toffee character with medium minus hop profiles and a spicy, clove-like finish.